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French contemporary artist, born in 1966, living in Nice.
His protean work explores several techniques, collage, painting, photography, video, installations, inclusive works in virtual worlds.
He never stops experimenting with new paths, constantly questioning himself.
Tehos is particularly attracted by the links between language and art, beyond the simple aesthetic value of a work.
He has many exhibitions to his credit.
His works are exhibited and published in many countries.
He designed the cover of the book "The legend of Bruno and Adèle" (Amir Gutfreund - Sapir Prize),
one of the posters of the Salon Art Monaco 2014.
The newspaper "Le Monde diplomaticque", illustrates his articles several times with his works.
In 2020 his double heads are exhibited on more than 1000 screens (including several giant screens) in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Several times awarded, he notably won the Aiap Unecso Jury Prize in December 2011 for his film Les Arbres Cinétiques.


Artiste contemporain Français, né en 1966, vivant à Nice.
Son travail protéiforme, explore plusieurs techniques, collage, peinture, photographie, vidéo, installations, œuvres inclusives dans des mondes virtuels.
Il ne cesse d’expérimenter de nouvelles voies, se remettant constamment en question.
Tehos est particulièrement attiré par les liens entre le langage et l’art, au delà de la simple valeur esthétique d’une œuvre.
Il a à son actif de nombreuses expositions.
Ses œuvres sont exposées et publiées dans de nombreux pays.
Il réalise la couverture du livre «La légende de Bruno et Adèle» (Amir Gutfreund - Prix Sapir),
l’une des affiches du Salon Art Monaco 2014.
Le monde diplomatique, illustre ses articles à plusieurs reprises avec ses œuvres.
En 2020 ses doubles têtes sont exposées sur plus de 1000 écrans (dont plusieurs écrans géants) à Dubaï et Abu Dhabi.
Plusieurs fois primé, il remporte notamment le prix du Jury Aiap Unecso en Décembre 2011 pour son film les arbres cinétiques

Tehos exhibitions and events


Exhinition Aoun et Vestri art Gallery - Saint Jean Cap ferrat - summer 2022


  •  Tehos feature as artist of the week in Dubai and Abu Dabhi in March 2020, in a exhibition on over 1000 digital screens and giant screens all over the two cities, during one week, in collaboration with Emerging scene Dubai, and Elevision screen network. ( view by 200.000 to 500.000 person per day.)


  • Auction sell result accademia fine art - Tehos collage and acrylic on canvas - I will survive -  view on artnet
  • illustration of Korine Amacher article ( With the Lenin case artwork ) about russian revolution anniversary in le monde diplomatique news paper ( march 2017 )


  • AAF Hampstead - London - United Kingdom - Urbane art gallery
  • Glasgow contemporary art fair United Kingdom - Urbane art gallery

  • Edinburgh Art Fair United Kingdom- Urbane art gallery
  • Exhibition - Hong Kong - California Tower - Avenue des arts - Paint me I'm Famous

  • Exhibition First Anniversary Avenue des Arts gallery Hong Kong - Nov 2014
  • Exhibition Urbane art Gallery Edinburgh United Kingdom - Oct - Nov - 2014
  • Exhibition - Keep an Eye on the World - Sept - Oct 2014 - Avenue des arts - art gallery - Hong kong
  • Tehos draw Three men having thought 02 cover of the book "The Legend of Bruno and Adele" by Amir Gutfreund  ( 2003 Sapir price )in Israel.
  • Cover page + 4 pages inside "le monde diplomatique "in June 2014 with Tehos paintings( English, French , spanish and korean edition)( Le monde diplomatique is edited worldwide at 2.4 million ex.)
  • ART Monaco - Tehos made one of the poster ads for Art monaco. April 2014
  • Affordable art Fair Hong kong ( Avenue des Arts art Gallery )

  • Exhibition Avenue des arts art gallery - Hong Kong - November 2013- Febr 2014
  • Exhibition enVieux shopping center cap 3000 - November 2013
  • Exhibition Motus art Gallery - B.O.F.Bande Original de Film ( Soundtrack ) November 2013
  • Tehos painting icon of the Day for help and solidarity in Berlin September 2013
  • Exhibition Motus Art Gallery Jazz Life - June 2013
  • Performance installation Art Kahos ( second life C.A.) - Pirats
  • ( collective installation with 7 international artists ). Avril - Mai 2013
  • Art Monaco 2013 Grimaldi Forum Monaco - and Barranquillarte 2013 - Colombie - installation of the virtual Art Monaco et Barranquillarte - Avril 2013
  • Art Monaco 2012 - Grimaldi Forum Monaco - 5 to 9 of April 2012
  • Exhibition Poisson D'art- Galerie Joel Guyot - March - April 2012
  • International Artistic meeting Monaco- Japan - at the Rainier III Auditorium in March 2011 in Monaco
  • Exhibition - Nice To Meet You - Motus Art Gallery
  • Exhibition Tube Gallery - Pirats - Second Life- January 2012

  • Exhibition 2011 L'Aiap Unesco - Monaco du 2 au 18 Decembre 2011 - 1st Price of the Jury for the movie "Les Arbres Cinetiques"
  • Automn Fair Geneva 11 au 20 November 2011- Joel Guyot Art Gallery
  • Galerie Joel Guyot Saint Paul de Vence
  • auction sell "Jeune femme au Kimono" ( ink and acrylic on paper ) Mtre Palloc
  • at the auction managed by Hierro Desvilles art Gallery for the Japanese desaster
  • auction sell "Two Children Play" ( ink and acrylic on paper ) Mtre Cornette de St Cyr at the auction managed by le Museaav for the Japanese desaster
  • Art Monaco 2011 - Grimaldi Forum - Monaco
  • Magmart Festival ; Italy
  • International Artistic meeting Japan Monaco at the Rainier III Auditorium in March 2011 in Monaco
  • Exhibition American Dream - February 2011 La Menuiserie Nice

  • Exhibition AIAP-UNESCO «Tout bouge autour de nous» - December 2010
  • Exhibition Coke en Stock - October 2010 La Menuiserie Nice
  • Film Production «Suspension Immersives»
  • Exhibition Suspensions Immersives - September 2010 MUSEAAV Nice
  • Exhibition Bunker Art Gallery June 2010 - Second Life - Bourbon Pirats Island.
  • International Exhibition «Through The Virtual Looking Glass 2010» Pirats - MUSEAAV - Caerleon - Carp - April 2010
  • Exhibition White Velvet Art Gallery in March 2010 - Second Life - Ile Bourbon Pirates.
  • Renaissance Prize , awarded by the Honorary Committee of the Fourth Meeting Artistic Japan Monaco - March 2010
  • International Artistic meeting Japan Monaco at the Rainier III Auditorium in March 2010 in Monaco
  • Exhibition Pirats - Second Life January 19 to February 19, 2010

  • 9th Night Gallery Nice - MUSEAAV September 26, 2009
  • Exhibition MUSEAAV From 11 to 24 September 2009
  • Freedom Art Prize awarded by the Honorary Committee of the Third Monaco Japan artistic meeting Monaco - March 2009
  • Artistic Exhibition Auditorium Rainier III of Monaco Japan - March 2009 in Monaco

  • Exhibition Villa La Tour Nice Cimiez October 2008
  • Francis Poulenc Prize in March 2008 issued by the Committee of Honour - artistic encounters Japan Monaco
  • Artistic Encounters Exhibition Auditorium Rainier III of Monaco Japan - 14 to 16 March 2008 in Monaco
  • Admission in the IAA - UNESCO in December 2007
  • Exhibition St Paul de Vence Galerie Artelier
  • Referenced in the Larousse Dictionary of Painters
  • Listed on Drouot listing of artists
  • Public Auction sell - Strange Face in the auction house - Drouot Neuilly (Paris France). (See Artprice)

2005 - 2006
  • Creation of a series of 500 paintings on the theme of splashing  - (For the most part sold in different countries.)

Tehos artwork
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