The Tehos Double Thought Heads

Added May 14, 2023

The Tehos Double Thought Heads appeared in 2014, and their marketing began in 2015.

They are the fruit of my work in virtual worlds, just like the Suspensions immersive movie, and come in the form of two characters in profile: one turned to the right, the other to the left.

Like Janus, divinity of doors and transitions, they symbolize the passage from one state to another, from darkness to awakening, from ignorance to knowledge, but also from light to darkness. if we neglect to pay attention to it.

The Double Thought Heads also raise the issue of multiple personalities, demons that lie dormant in us and that we must learn to control.

The two symmetrical profiles looking in opposite directions, highlight the choices that are imposed on us at every moment, aware that each decision generates new perspectives.


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Art Majeur interview - I was born artist

Added Jan 28, 2023

Just a link to the interview from the 18 of january on artmajeur magasine

Thank you so much artmajeur

Tehos, je suis né artiste | Artmajeur Magazine

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TEHOS Artist of the week in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Added Mar 10, 2020

5e6761d7a883b_thumbnail-jpgdubai01.jpgTehos artist of the week in Dubai and Abu dhabi

My Work display over 1000 screens in the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi this week  ( From the 7 of march to the 14 of march 2020 ) as artist of the week, infront of 500.000 person a day, Thanks to Rebia Naim from @emergingscene and @elevenvisionmedia

Images and video from Rebia Naim

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Greetings 2019 - Voeux 2019

Added Feb 2, 2019

Best wishes 2019 to all of youvoeux2019.jpg

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Added Jan 28, 2017

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Tehos at AAF Bristol - Uk from 9 to 11 September with Urbane Art Gallery

Added Aug 30, 2016

Join Urbane art Gallery at Stand D7 at AAF Bristol 9 - 11 September,

They will be showcasing an edgy collection of content-driven contemporary art by some of the most exciting talents from France, Germany, Spain and the USA.

More infos and contact :

Event at 

Brunel’s Old Station
Temple Meads

Join Tehos on Facebook :

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Added Jun 14, 2015

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Added Jan 19, 2015

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Added Nov 25, 2014

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Added Oct 24, 2014

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