A momentary collapse of reason

A art 3d exhibition mon metaverse by Tehos
Tehos - A momentary collapse of reason exhibition

It is not a easy subject that i choose for this exhibition,
it comes from inside, something that affect me to speak about, but I had do do it in this particular period.

Once the outline of my next exhibition has been drawn, I begin my research, and realize how much history repeats itself. How can we do so much harm? how can we start again? We're just coming out of this incredible epidemic, War in all its horror, and his cruelty knocks at our door.
It was at the end of Lockdown, in February 2022, when I was looking for a title for a painting, that for the first time this sentence appeared to me.
It perfectly illustrates the conspiratorial atmosphere, the distrust of authority, which must manage as best it can, this epidemic which has been going on for two years now.

We felt the end of this difficult period coming, I told myself that title one of my paintings in this way, it was good.

It was a marker to remind us how much a form of collective immaturity prevents us from seeing reality. Out of fear, we take refuge in our stories, each one more incredible than the other.

Everyone goes their own way; "They want to control us", "reduce our consumption", "inoculate us with a chip", "we are being lied to", everything goes.

A simple little critter made us waver, and worse, it wavered our reason.


I couldn't imagine what was to come next, that this wonderful journey through time had in store for us, towards our collective future, a real revelation of human voracity.

What can be said of these opportunists, who take advantage of a moment of weakness to attempt a seizure of power, at the cost of many innocent lives.
What to think of these actors who turn into warlords, ready to take the world with them?
What about this "man of experience", who throws oil on the fire, because he knows that he will gain something?

Let's go cheerfully in this collective suicide.

We are in this month of March 2022, in a magnificent momentary collapse of reason, in this gray zone where everything can still change.
Let's stop this madness before it causes disaster! Disaster will get us nowhere.
Tehos - A momentary collapse of reason 

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